Tom Barthel Consulting

Youth Mentoring


Tom can work side by side with your youth to break through his/her communication barriers, help the youth understand why the parents created a change in their relationship to their child and started laying down more rules. Part of Tom’s program is to motivate the youth into believing abstinence, law abiding, and employment are more socially acceptable than they think, and even cool.



Safe Place:

Tom is the first person to understand me. He is also able to make going to school, getting a job and earning money make sense to me. Before I thought having fun negated all that, now I see I can do all the above. My parents were not the right people for that lesson, thank you Tom, will call you when I’m rich, I have stopped drinking, but probably won’t go completely sober while listening to music and playing pool. Whatever…

Greg Welson, 21 Year old male returning home to get off drugs and attend trade school. Calgary, AB, Canada