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This is the natural result available to parents wanting to proceed with one of my action plans.  The action plan is set to provide the technical details of what to say, how to say it, and household rules that will answer the question of how to deal with an out of control teenager.  We work together over the phone and/or in person to immediately layout action steps on paper to cause a significant change in their child. It follows the model laid out in the intake session exactly.  It creates times on your calendar to have certain goals reached by. These action plans also provide to parents what to say, when to say it, and what to physically do to prevent a smaller problem with your child from degrading further into a rebellious teen.  This is the ultimate help for parents of a troubled teen.   After 2-3 months parents report much less anxiety with their teen and a far more functional understanding of how to move forward.  These action plans do not replace the need for a child psychologist or anxiety counselling for teens for example.   These action plans for “how to deal with a rebellious teen” actually include a process to compel your teen to attend child psychologists and anxiety counsellors.  There is a contingency plan for children who are currently outside of the home. That is to be discussed in person at an intake session.

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