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Since meeting Tom we have a new way of looking at our relationship with our son. We could never have gotten this understanding from anywhere else. We now have ways to manage ourhome that leads to success. Thank you Tom.

Cindy and Kim, Sylvan Lake, AB

I was very pleased with the courses on the weekend and have begun some of the homework. My first task was to share some personal experiences with my daughter and her response was incredible. She began to open up to me and express some of her feelings.

I have many tasks yet to accomplish on my homework and will keep you informed.

I just wanted to let you know that I feel we are off to a great start and know there are challenging and painful growth in our future, but it will be well worth it. Thank you again for great information. I will wait to call you as I would like to get farther on my homework so I can take full advantage of the 30 free minutes of consultation that you are providing.

Melinda N.  Parent and Health Care professional.  Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Myself and my four kids are all great. MY son is not totally out of the woods yet but he has come miles from where he was and I thank you again for your help. He is physically back to being veryhealthy and has not lost his love of staying very fit and keeping his love and God given talent for volleyball. It’s like we have our loving brother and son back. Our relationship is almost back to where it used to be. Please continue to send me your newsletters and know that I would recommend your help to anyone who I know needs it.

Michelle Johnson, Accountant. Roseburg, Oregon, USA

Hello Tom

After setting a couple of boundaries and a recent trip back to visit with family in Ontario that we hadn’t seen for quite awhile, our son seems to have reconnected with us. Our extended family in Ontario is quite large and welcomed us back with love and acceptance. I know that visit had an impact on the way our son sees himself and our family as part of the bigger picture. I know that he still uses alcohol and marijuana, however the frequency and the amount has decreased and he is making wiser choices. For instance, there were two parties last weekend on Friday andSaturday night that he chose not to attend. Friday night he was home by 10:30 and Saturday hewas home by midnight and in bed. A few months ago that wouldn’t have been the case. He would have stayed out all night and when questioned about it, he would fire off several rounds of profanity at us and we’d be told to mind our own business. I do see a change in him for the positive and I hope it continues. We all still have a ways to go but thanks to your guidance I think we are better prepared now to handle any backsliding that may occur.

Jane W, Sylvan Lake, AB

High School Staff

Captivated our entire school body with his uncensored, truthful experiences of drug abuse and recovery… the way Tom- I choose too!


Diane Foster, Librarian, Lacombe Composite High School

Tom’s speaking was well and very personally inspiring. The talks were refreshingly different from others I had been to before. I would highly recommend them to any teens or adults working with young people.


Rick Price, (photographed student health day) Photographer, Red Deer, AB

I have seen Tom’s presentation a few times now. It is straightforward and straight talk. Tom’s discussion is focused on his own personal journey with schizophrenia, drug School Testimonials / use, and most of all the focus on making your own choices. The students find him engaging and many said it was one of the best presentations they have seen. I was most impressed with his honesty as a presenter.

Jacqui, CALM 20 Teacher, HJ Cody Highschool

At Didsbury High School, we have adopted the principles of a “student boundaries” framework for staff to implement with students. The principles we adopted are a result of Tom Barthel’s time spent with our staff as part of our Professional Development day in August. Although things were generally okay at DHS, we had a concern over the increasing number of youth that were starting to use drugs on a frequent basis. I also noticed that as May approached, our staff was becoming frustrated with the number of students who were starting to show up late or miss classes without much concern. Phone calls home did not make a huge impact, and on some occasions, parents would excuse their child when there was no valid reason. This year we began with 100% staff buy-in to implement the strategies and a policy for raising our expectations of students. With Tom’s guidance we decided to focus on one aspect of student behaviour, and as a result, many of our other issues have a solid foundation to work on. Although it is early, our unified approach has had a very positive impact. Students have a sense of urgency to get to class on time, and when the bell rings there are very few or no lingering students. The staff feel better knowing they are all on the same page as far as student expectations. The “telephone chase” has also improved. Instead of our office staff calling the parents of missing students – I just had a teacher let me know that they had 3 students missing yesterday and all three had their parents call in to notify us. I can say our school has gone from good to great with the principles initiated from Tom Barthel.

Garth Dagg, Principal, Didsbury High School, Alberta 

I have heard Tom speak twice now, once to school staff and once to our students. It is as a parent however that I most appreciate and value Tom’s messages. I think every parent, and especially those of type A children should hear Tom speak. It would have helped me tremendously to hear this perspective years ago. His message to students is, I feel- a solid beginning at having them understand the power of choices.

Linda Pack, Career Center Co-ordinator, Fox Creek Composite High School

Not a problem Tom. The one parent actually commented that she had the most engaging “after school” conversation she’s ever had with her son after your presentation. Also, feel free to pass my name on if any school groups would like to “ask around” before booking you. Wow! And thanks again for coming out to Oilfields. Students and parents are still talking about your presentations

Scott Carey, Principal, Oilfields High School, Black Diamond, AB Contact info available upon request

Judge for yourself, it’s your choice! Tom Barthel’s presentation based on his own life experience carries a powerful message about choices that all parents, students, and teachers should hear.

Jane Palm, Career Counsellor, Calgary Centennial High School

Tom’s straight forward approach to these topics are great. I have found that using the “I choose” idea introduced to us by Tom has been easy to incorporate in daily dealings with students and totally relevant when discussing the importance of Choices with them. He said things to us that needed to be said.

Jason Petrie, Physical Ed. Teacher Lacombe Composite High School


I will sincerely never forget Tom’s story

Student, Alberta High-School

I really enjoyed his presentation and it opened me up to a lot of options I didn’t even know existed.

Student, William Aberhart High-School, Calgary, AB

Facts about drugs can be found on the internet. Hearing the emotion from a person who is speaking about a personal experience has much more of an impact.

Student, Alberta High-School