Tom Barthel Consulting -child psychologist Calgary

This intake session is the only avenue to move forward after a complimentary phone call. I do not take hourly visits from clients and slowly take on their problems in any kind of fashion commonly known as baby steps. Instead, we have a meaningful sit down for several hours and I review with you the solution to your needs. Here you will learn the basic structure of how to deal with a rebellious teen and teenage behavioral management strategies.   Together we identify the types of troubles your particular teen is having and why your teen is having troubles when your other teens may not be.  It all gets laid out on the table and you are left with supporting documents to remind you of all that we discussed. A lot of this information comes from past seminars that I’ve lead, and is condensed into a lengthy one on one with you privately. The information has been summarized from successful treatment centers, my own successes with clients, and the observations of hundreds of troubled youth I was exposed to in my earlier years as a drug dealer, drug user, and criminal.  Here you will learn teenage management behavioral strategies that are similar to teen intervention programs you might have seen on tv or read about in magazines.  You will also learn the difference between how I am applying these strategies and how institutions apply them.  That comparison will make it possible for you to apply these strategies right in your own home.

Several clients have found over the years that even just hearing this session alone is enough for them to navigate themselves with their children. The supporting documents I leave them with allow them to have a better understanding how to respond when the next “difficulty” comes up with their teen.

For parents who are looking to work more closely with me to enact those strategies they continue on to utilize a working action plan that I provide for them.  This becomes a working relationship where we are in close contact with each other to see the action plan to success.

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