All my experiences with family service agencies were through live seminars.  It was a major addition of some street level experience to add to their clinical teenage behavioral management strategies.

Family service agencies have a unique problem they need to solve as they are not in the home of the troubled teenagers all the time to assist the parents with how to deal with a rebellious teen.  So our focus was on giving their workers an immediate response to dysfunctional and disrespectful teenage clients in their office.

If you practice the same principles all of these adults did, it is likely you will have similar results as they did.

Street Smart Counselling shows the addict how to empower themselves and make changes on their own. It is refreshing to see other avenues to recovery.
Dwight, Resident at Our House Recovery Center, AB
Tom’s “Another Way Of Looking At Things” speaks of open minds and honouring teachings however they may come to us.
Kath Hoffman, Executive Director, Safe Harbour Society, Red Deer AB.
I have made a shift in my recovery. I no longer live in the problem. My life today is solution based. I found Tom’s presentation to be of great importance. I thank you so much.
Damon, Resident, Treatment center, AB
Tom had some wonderful insights on his life and behaviours. It was wonderful to hear about the changes he has made and all his successes.
Patricia, Executive Director, 12 step treatment center for men, Edmonton AB
In sharing his experience Tom was able to bring a refreshing perspective to clients and staff. Based on his sharing clients were ready and willing to engage in discussions of recovery and different perspectives.
Rebecca, Mental Health Program Coordinator, Treatment Center, Edmonton AB
You are the light in a dark world and dangerous world for parents of troubled children. I think by now, you are the only real and unique way to help my children and his friends
Martha Cortes, Red Deer, AB Translator, Community Support Worker
Hi Tom
I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your presentation in Ponoka. Our Club paid for the Radio advertising and we wanted to remind you to contact Roger at Sunny so you have a sound copy of the ad. In the future you can use it and just have the date or location changed by the radio company or by recording the new date when you have a new presentation.

I also wanted to give you some feed back form some of our members. Because the Rotary name is attached, some members were nervous, as they wanted to promote something that was able to fill a need and have information that was credible and relevant. Three of the Rotarians were in attendance and they all found it filled a need that make sense. One former Social worker said that if she had had your perspective when she worked with families in crisis she could have shared the message and seen better results.

You message doesn’t just apply to drug use it applies to how we are as effective parents and models the behaviour we want our children to interact with our grandchildren. Rotary is glad they had a part and even happier that FCSS picked up the sponsorship when our club became unavailable. Ponoka Rotary is glad that we had a small part in bringing you to town and will be vocal advocates of your further involvement in the community.

Thank you for your effort to improve the relationships with our most important people…. our families.

Gord Friesen, President, Ponoka Rotary
July 20, 2010
To Whom It May Concern:
Over the past year (fall 2009- winter, 2010), Tom of Barthel with Street Smart Counselling, has delivered several workshops on parenting to the students of the Community Support Worker program at Academic Express Adult Education and Training.

Tom’s workshops are informative, engaging, and were extremely well received by the Community Support Worker students. I would not hesitate to contract Tom to deliver additional workshops. Feel free to contact me at 403-340-1930 for additional information.

Donna Hall, Administration, Academic Express Adult Education and Training
Since I attended Tom’s seminar I have been able to better relate to my clients. My clients are more able to open up to me and willingly address their challenges as I have some skills from Tom that allow me to encourage my clients to do so. My staff and I are having an increased ability to get our clients to take more responsibility for themselves now that Tom has given us an additional way to understand how to manage people with addictions and mental health concerns.
Marion Quinney, Family Enhancement Superviser Wahkohtowin Child Care Society Contact Information available upon request.
After working with Tom to bring a Parent interaction workshop to Sundre, I was impressed with his journey through life. How it brought him to a passionate place in needing to support and teach others. Tom’s story is one of bravery, sadness and indeed laughter as well. Tom holds his audience in captivity as he tells his story and encourages audience members to truly look at there parenting skills, there strengths and there weakness’s. This is a tough story in a tough world, that needs to be heard and the lessons that come with it. Congratulations Tom on doing your part to make the world a safer place for kids and there caregivers.
Jacqueline Smith, Greenwood Neighbourhood Place Youth Coordinator 2004-2009