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I do not focus on teaching too much about myself on this website as I have a complimentary package for you that meets so much more of your needs as a parent.   I can say this about myself though.

I grew up with straight A’s and national citizenship awards in Boy Scouts.  Well liked and pleasant for anyone to spend time with I was a seemingly delightful boy who my mother was proud of.

During my 16th year I had a period of low self esteem and I befriended the young offender crowd in high school.   Before my 17th birthday I became an active user of marijuana, magic mushrooms, LSD (acid), alcohol and landed myself in jail for an indictable offense.

This lead to a dangerous year at 19 years old where my friends and I pulled of stunts and crimes that landed us in the front page of Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, and Red Deer Advocate. 2 years of college did not slow down my downhill slide. After I graduated from college at 21(with honors) I became a full time drug dealer and drug user. I was involved with a 200-300 person social group of criminal and drug abusing young people who knew no limits for responsible behaviour.

At 23 a powerful mental health condition took over my body and I suffered from semi delusions and hallucinatory difficulties, crippling anxiety, and vision loss. Coupled with an impending police investigation I nearly brought my life to an end at 23 years old.

After a miraculous chain of events, some involvement from my parents, and great help from a select few adults in our community I was clean and sober and gainfully employed in a year after those events. The symptoms of the mental health condition were addressed and I succeeded quite well in spite of the after effects of that illness.

No treatment center was used. I grew up by the time I was 28 and I had rental properties and a savings account and my first home. I aspired to become a public speaker in high schools in Alberta so I could teach other young people what I had learned. This turned into giving seminars for parents so they could have similar impacts on their children.

The rest of this story is for me to teach you with my complimentary information package, which I reveal to you in person when you contact me.

The only method of moving forward with my service is to contact me directly.

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