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Should You Be Worried
About Your Kids and


As a parent with a young person abusing drugs and alcohol, you’re faced with unique challenges in your home and family life. These conflicts between parent and child can lead to confusion, fear of what may come, and marital stress. What’sworse, is when your child may run away from home and get in trouble with the law. 

Counselling For Youth May Help, but It May Not Be the Complete Solution

While counselling and treatment for youth can make a difference, it may not be the only solution. Sometimes youth do not attend, and that counselling does not always address the trouble in you experience in your home with your youth on a daily level.

Partnering With You for Parental Success

Drawing on my experience as a former drug dealer and troubled youth myself, I partner with parents like you to deliver evidence-based strategies for parents with troubled and substance abusing youth.

Tailored Solutions for Your Family

Through personalized sessions, we’ll work together to identify effective strategies that resonate with your family dynamics and your teenager’s and young adult’s specific needs.

Overcoming Your Family’s Obstacles

Through personalized sessions, we’ll work together to identify efaWe will tackle functional issues like teen defiance, necessary subject matters that must be brought up with the youth, and deceitful behavior of a young adult child with an active addiction. fective strategies that resonate with your family dynamics and your teenager’s and young adult’s specific needs.

I must tell you Jim and I walked away with a wealth of information from you. Even better, our relationship with our son since this class has been awesome. He has not left home, he is working, going to school and back playing hockey!!!

– D & J. R. , Sylvan Lake, Ab

Benefits For Parents Include:


Household functioning:

Your emotional well being:

Benefits For Youth Include:

Self awareness:




I went to Tom to learn about a family member with an addiction and I learned things about addiction that I’ve never heard before. When I used his principles with my relative it was my door he showed up on when he wanted to change. I’ve never been closer to this person before than I am now, thank you Tom!

-Lori B, Entrepreneur, Calgary AB

Parent Coaching:

Tom Barthel works side-by-side with parents who have careers and businesses to help them achieve specific goals, whether it be to keep a teenager in school and prevent them from further drug use, or assist a young adult child to get completely off drugs and into employment.

Youth Mentoring:

Tom Barthel can work side by side with your youth to break through communication barriers, help the youth understand why the parents created a change in the relationship, and motivate the youth into believing abstinence, recovery, and employment are “cool”.

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Tom Barthel works with schools, family service agencies, and parenting groups to deliver engaging presentations that open the eyes of audiences to simple methods to evoke change in troubled youth.